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PORTABLE Advanced Office Password Recovery 5.12 Serial Number

SyncBackPro V7.0.32.0, SyncBackSE V7.0.32.0, SyncBackFree V7.0.32.0 (January 2015) New (SE/Pro): Group profiles can now be run automatically when a SyncBack Touch device starts New (SE/Pro): Can set how long to keep backups of profiles for New (SE/Pro): Log file now shows free space on cloud (except S3 and Azure as that is unlimited) New (SE/Pro): French language version CHM help file and PDF available from the downloads page Fixed: Some high DPI fixes Fixed (Pro): 403 Forbidden error when restoring compressed S3 objects stored in Glacier Fixed (Pro): Profiles uploaded to SBMS server were corrupt Fixed (Pro): Sometimes emails were not deleted Fixed (Pro): May get an error creating base directory with OneDrive Fixed (SE/Pro): Getting SyncBack Touch settings will not hang if it cannot contact Touch device Fixed: No Install versions missing file for FTP Fixed: Differences window not shown if only changes were new folders Fixed (Pro): Now works with IMAP4 servers that do not use a slash as a folder delimiter Updated: Group log links and profile log links to parent group log are now relative links Updated: Windows Environment variable expansion first uses the new method and then the older method Updated: Dutch translations Updated (SE/Pro): Serial entry window modified so clearer that old versions can be downloaded if using old serial number Updated (Pro): Progress feedback when downloading Dropbox delta list Updated: Options for the encryption method used for storing passwords in settings files Updated (SE/Pro): Log now also shows platform SyncBack Touch is running on Updated (Pro): Azure uses newer API version (2012-02-12) as Microsoft is dropping older versions on 1 Aug 2015 Updated (Pro): Now supports S3 V4 security API (required for some locations, e.g. Frankfurt) Updated (Pro): Will pause and retry when getting a list of emails and Exchange server is busy Updated (Pro): Can now upload files over 100MB in size to Microsoft OneDrive Updated (SE/Pro): Profiles set to run automatically when Touch device connects will not keep re-running

PORTABLE Advanced Office Password Recovery 5.12 Serial Number

SyncBackSE V5.3.0.18 and SyncBackPro V5.3.0.18 (February 2009) New: Profiles can now share some settings, e.g. FTP connection settings New: Option to use HOST command with virtual hosts (FTP) New: Option to use LIST command without parameters (FTP) New: %MONTHOFQUARTER% variable New: Can prompt for passwords, e.g. FTP login password, instead of storing them in the profiles settings New: Groups can be part of other groups New (Pro): Example script to send an SMS text message when a profile fails to run Fixed: Confusion when setting not to minimize to tray on close but does if previously told it to via dialog and not to prompt again Fixed: When deleting files from FTP it was not trying to CHMOD the files so that can be deleted if told permission denied Fixed: Connection not timing out when using SFTP Fixed: File and folder selections not recorded correctly with files and folders that have leading spaces in their name Fixed: Will immediately abort the profile run if the connection to the FTP server is lost and cannot reconnect Fixed: File date & time set correctly with zFTPServer when using SFTP (note: at time of writing you must use unstable version of zFTPServer) Fixed: Item heights on file prompt window Fixed: Sometimes did not know if running from USB or firewire drive Fixed: FTP XCRC bug with Serv-U FTP server Fixed: Was not deleting files being moved to Zip files Fixed: Run on changes re-enabled for Windows 2000 Fixed: Description of when files are skipped based on last modified/created date Fixed: To avoid confusion defaults cannot be used on decisions files and folders settings page Fixed: Remembers unzip passwords so does not keep prompting if password is already known Fixed: Problems with SFTP servers where base directory does not begin with a backslash Fixed: NTFS security copied if file system says it supports ACLs (previously only did this if real NTFS was used) Fixed: Can now use equals (=) in value for user defined profile variables Fixed: Tries to detect SMTP servers that do not like to say HELO or have problems with IP addresses being used with HELO Fixed: Not deleting destination versions in some cases when using Fast Backup profiles Fixed: Not displaying file prompts or differences window on 64-bit Windows when alternative shell is used Fixed: Some internal SyncBack variables not expanded in Fast Backup rescan evaluation Updated: Automatic filename translation when using FTP to avoid problems with invalid filenames Updated: When using FTP or SFTP, initial connect will use the retry attempts number in the FTP settings instead of 5 times Updated: Safe copy filenames will not use certain extensions, e.g. EXE, to avoid problems with security software Updated: Will try to correct/fix NTFS security on folder where program settings are stored Updated: Error message given in SyncBackSE if attempt to use a SyncBackPro serial number is made Updated: The profile pause is not done if the profile is run on Windows shutdown/logoff Updated: Can force file and folder selection tree to show source and destination files Updated: Help file

SyncBackSE V5.2.0.0 and SyncBackPro V5.2.0.0 (November 2008) New: Option to delete profiles log files in profile configuration New: Log includes average file compression ratio New: Option to add files and folders to selection tree New: Global option to be prompted to run profiles on shutdown/restart New: Clear History button on the Decisions - Files settings page (for sync profiles) New: Self-correct option in FTP settings to try and ensure the FTP server sets the correct file date and time Fixed: Now prompted again for compression password when Apply button pressed Fixed: "The file exists" errors when creating directories that already existed Fixed: FTP debug log is now not deleted when reconnecting Fixed: Unable to enter serial number once evaluation expired Fixed: Selection tree auto cleans invalid entries if option enabled and folder expanded and contains invalid entries Fixed: Compression 999 errors (were caused by filenames being too long) Fixed: Max time to keep file versions was ignoring fractions of days Fixed: File and folder selections in folders with large number of files Fixed: When using FTP and active connections, now uses IP router to try and get external IP address Fixed (Pro): Unexpected SyncBackPro termination after 30 minutes when registered SyncBackSE installed and unregistered SyncBackPro installed Fixed (Pro): Bug fixes for SFTP protocols 5 and 6 Updated: Zip filenames now limited to 4096 characters in length instead of 260 (MAX_PATH) Updated: Ejection of disks and safe-removal of removable devices Updated: FTP and SFTP connections automatically set send and receive buffer sizes Updated: Files to delete to make folder empty can now include wild cards Updated: Scheduled profile information now shows any error message from last attempt to run profile Updated: Help file

SyncBackSE V5.0.0.13 (August 2008) New: Search profile settings New: Traditional archive bit backup (incremental and differential) New: Can specify a different folder to use for full backups New: Can get registry values using variables, e.g. %@HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Mozilla\Mozilla Firefox\CurrentVersion% New: Clicking on Result column will display profiles log file New: Prompted for confirmation when mirroring files in Results window New: If all files & folders are to be deleted then user now prompted first (if attended) New: Last mod date & time of multi-zip files now set New: Can rename multiple profiles New: Easy/Expert (shortcut) node in profile configuration tree New: Re-adding a filter that already exists will now re-apply the filters New: Can right-click on file/folder in file & folder selection tree to select it New: Can speak (or play WAV) when profiles start, finish, or require attention New: View Log sub-menu shows if profile aborted (for profile run using this new version) New: A profile run at different priority when run manually New: Can log the drives serial and model New: -countdownmsg command line parameter New: Restore versions pop-up menu items on Differences window New: User definable variables (also at group level that can be used by profiles in the group) New: New main menu item to shutdown computer once all profiles have finished New: File versioning filter (can now decide what files to version or not) New: Copy from shadow volume only (snapshot) New: Can add notes/comments to a profile. Notes are also displayed when importing a profile (not if unattended import via command line) New: Option to copy desktop.ini files correctly New: Option to hide the button panel New: Filename extension column in Results window New: Many new variables New: Mirror right or left quick config buttons on Decisions - Files profile config page New: Main window shows mirror right or left profile type if that is the profile type New: Can set local computer name to send to SMTP email server New: When a profile is selected in the main window the same profile(s) in other groups are also highlighted New: Uses MFMT automatically when FTP server supports it New: Can detect file renames with sync profiles New: Option not to record skipped files in log file New: Option to not pause profiles when computer is suspended New: Option to silently fail profile if the source or destination cannot be reached (network down, drive does not exist, or not disk in drive) New: Aternatives given for the source or destination path, e.g. using disk serial number instead if external drive New: Option to only run Run After program if any file changes made New: Option to open folder of file in the Differences window New: If an attempt is made to move, replace, or delete a Windows protected file then the error message in the log indicates it is a protected file New: KBps is now shown when copying files (no longer just with FTP) New: Remembers which profiles were selected in main window New: Tray icon indicates if profiles have failed (optional) New: File and folder selection tree shows if a file or folder exists in source and/or destination (sync profiles only) New: Option to stop using Windows Event Log New: Can switch off filtering for increased performance New: Can switch off file and folder selections for increased performance New: Can now use /silent or /verysilent command line param with uninstaller New: Can set number of seconds to sleep after system wakes from hibernatin/sleep Fixed: Prompt for Zip password, and can also abort profile when prompted for Zip password Fixed: File and folder decision choices when using fast backup Fixed: Uses Windows Event Log correctly Fixed: Cancelling restore to or from selection now does not move onto next step Fixed: Re-checks if drive/card removed or network connection lost after scan and before copying, deleting, etc. Fixed: Scanning of sub-folders when folder selected in selection tree and parent folder cannot be scanned Fixed: Open Left/Right Folder pop-up menu item now expands variables when opening folder Fixed: Using Delete key on Differences window now faster when multiple files selected Fixed: Delete All Log Files button in Logging Settings will also delete all the debug log files Fixed: Cannot have log history if appending to text format log files Fixed: Update of "partial" icons in file and folder selection tree Fixed: When profile set to run on changes then now not triggered if change is in a folder that is excluded Fixed: Now only connects to source or destination first only if Run Before on UNC path of source or destinat Fixed: Recursive prompting when SERIAL or LABEL variables used and disk not initially available and prompting if disk not available enabled Fixed: Access Denied when creating NTFS encrypted folders on shares Updated: Unselect All pop-up menu item on Differences window Updated: If "Force date & time" is ticked, and using Fast Backup, then the files date & time on the FTP server will be updated Updated: Faster HTML log file creation Updated: Faster filtering with DOS expressions Updated: Ctrl+Enter can also be pressed to modify a profile (alternative is Ctrl+M) Updated: HTML log files have source and destination paths at top of every page Updated: To improve performance FTP resume only hashes last 128K to check for corruption when resuming upload or download Updated: Special failed profile result if log of email fails to be sent. Error also recorded to Windows event log. Updated: Max waiting time for shadow volume creation is now 5 mins (was 2 mins) Updated: Can also single click tray icon to hide or show main window (previously could only double-click) Updated: Hostname can now be used for external IP address in FTP Updated: Status shows if verifying/comparing source or destination Updated: Run After can be run after log is closed Updated: File system Properties in log file now lists more properties Updated: Non-critical error record if connected to network but using default instead of supplied username and password Updated: Can now schedule monthly on Vista Updated: Files modified since filter now supports weeks, months, and years Updated: %NONCRITICALERRORS% variable no longer exists Updated: Will encrypt data channel if FTP server requires it Updated: In file and folder selection window can choose to show or not files and folders in both source/left and destination/right Updated: If SHIFT key is pressed on exit then a backup of all the profiles is made Updated: Only one serial number entry window (and program has expired dialog) no matter how many instaces of program are running Updated: The safe filename extension is now random to avoid profiles stepping on each others toes when running at the same time in the same folder Updated: If the safe copy file is locked then a new safe copy filename is used (avoids NAS bug where it holds the lock) Updated: The countdown window now has an OK button to skip the countdown Updated: On XP or 2003, if a VSS snapshot cannot be taken because there already is one then it will keep trying until a time limit expires Updated: Differences window shows how much disk space will be used Updated: When adding to Auto Close list user given a choice of existing Window titles Updated: Log shows total time in days, hours, minutes, and seconds (no longer just in seconds) Updated: Option in Run Before to not create a log file or record an error if return value is not as expected Updated: The source/left and destination/right labels are automatically changed to reflect the settings (if the default labels are used) Updated: Records warning if file skipped because unattanded run and user cannot be prompted Updated: The FTP send and receive buffer sizes changed so that in some cases file transfers are much faster Updated: Improved performance in XP when there are many profiles Updated: Extensive help file updates 350c69d7ab


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