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Play Just Dance 2016 on Dolphin Emulator with High Quality Graphics and Sound

What's the problem? Describe what went wrong.Just Dance 2/3/4: these games will randomly freeze when the emulated console has internet connectivity. When they freeze, only the background music keeps playing and only a forced shutdown (clicking Stop button twice) can stop the emulation.Just Dance 2014/2015/2016/2017/2018: these games will hang on an infinite loading screen when trying to create or edit a dancer card. Since on the first boot you must create at least one dancer card, this renders those game unplayable.

What steps will reproduce the problem?Make sure the Wii network certificates (clientca.pem, clientcakey.pem, rootca.pem) exists on the root of your NAND, then:Just Dance 2/3/4: just play the game, they'll eventually freeze, sometimes even before you can start a song. On Just Dance 2, trying to access the shop once seems to be required before the random freeze occurs.Just Dance 2014/2015/2016/2017/2018: create a Dancer Card (you must do this on the first time you start the game), or in case you already have an existing save file, click on the Dancer Card option at the top-left portion of the main menu and create a new / edit an existing Dancer Card. When you're done, you'll be stuck on an infinite loading screen (the game won't crash nor freeze, though).

just dance 2016 dolphin emulator download

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In short, Just Dance 2/3/4 do two requests to a Nintendo server (, which responds both with an HTTP 200 message, then they randomly freeze shortly after. Just Dance 2014/2015/2016/2017/2018 proceeds a little further, after receiving the HTTP 200 messages from the same Nintendo server, they do three requests to a Ubisoft server (, which always responds with HTTP 503 messages, then they hang forever on the Dancer Card loading screen.

When you browse your game in the main window of the emulator,right click on it and chose "properties" then go to "gecko codes" and click on "download codes (WiiRD Database)". Then check the "speed modifier" square.To speed up press C+UP.To decrease speed press C+DOWN.To return to the normal speed press C+LEFT.PS: the C of the emulator and not the PC keyboard.

Here are the Apps I have installed and thought they were useful, if you want to install them then just do this Boot your wii to the system menu. You will see the following channels installed.CFG-USBloader- This is a forwarder, it load the usbloader from your sd card or HD.Backup Dics Channel- This is an autobooting mod of Neogamma loader, it will autoboot discs. Press any button while loading to access the menu. It is a channel and does not use sd/hdBackup HBC- You will see a channel with black water, labeled backup HBC. When you load it, HBC 1.03 is loaded. This is installed as a backup means to run homebrew should you ever need it. You should not use it, unless you need to. Don't uninstall this wad, title "MAUI". Keep it on your wii or save it onto your sd card. You can move it to the far far right of the channel menu or back it up to your pc. You never know, someday you may need it.If you like you can move channels by holding B, then pressing A and dragging them where you wish. You can do this with the disc channel if you enabled the priiloader hack.If any of the downloads do not work, then download this for all the downloads in one!

If your Wii was bought before 2010, then you can use DVD roms to play backups on your WiiBut if you have a newer Wii, then you can play backups on USBs because the new Wiis CD reader is different and will not read normal DVD disks...I found that this is better for playing games via USB, than USB Loader :WiiFlow : Download it here : To install wii flow, just go to HBC and then go to WAD manager, and go to install wads, then install the WiiFlow WAD!You can lookup google for how to make a WiiFlow forwarder to make it appear right in your WIi menu, without having to go to HBC...Once you have WiiFlow installed, then you can download Wii backup games from different websites, and then burn them onto your USB sticks, and plug them in and enjoy! -and-writing-perfectly-legal-backup-copies-of-your-original-games.html (The UK law, which states that you can have only 1 backup copy of every game you own...), you can also play homebrew games, and use homebrew apps...(1 I specially like is Resistor Calculator!) You can play N64, SNES and SEGA roms with downloading emulators and then buying those games for about 5$ each (Or even less) and its 100% legal!Some websites like this ask you to pay for money to hack your wii and they will provide deatailed info, but you can do it for free!Use this program to convert your USB to a Wii USB type, and install the games on the USB! But remember, once you have converted the USB, it will show that your USB is unrecognizable by the PC, it is only recognizable with the can always format it to be used as a normal USB again!Usually Wii games are 4.2 GB, and most 4GB USBs are 3.7GB, So how I overcame this problem is with using WIi Scrubber -wii-scrubber-download.htmlWhat the WiiScrubber does is it basically removes the "JUNK" that manufacturers fill in to make the game reach the standard space of 4.2 GB... some games like Wii sports are only 720MB!You can add the game you downloaded into the scrubber, and then scrub it and place the scrubbed ISO on you desktop, or somewhere else, then you can use the Wii USB program to add the scrubbed ISO!

Enjoy the songs on the list instantly as you can dance to your favorite songs in just a few taps. Party with thousands of other players or, if you want, dance with the entire world! Create your playlist and jam it with your favorite songs.

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