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Where To Buy Cultured Marble Shower Walls

Central Marble Products, Inc., located near Rice, MN, has grown to be a regional leader in the production of cultured marble, onyx and granite products since 1976. We have captured all the elegance and classic beauty of marble, onyx and granite in a wide variety of affordable products.

where to buy cultured marble shower walls

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INSTALLATION: If you need your cultured marble, onyx or granite products professionally installed please contact us. Central Marble Products, Inc. will assist its customer base with the installation of: counter tops, showers, tubs, wall panel surrounds, one-piece tub decks,

WingIts now offers a selection of cast marble shower panels, pans, and accessories. Each piece is designed to complement one another, and enhance any bath space with timeless style and elegance. As with all WingIts solutions, they are designed with longevity and sustainability in mind.

So, in review, cultured marble shower surrounds will accommodate your needs if you need a material that is quick and easy to install, durable and requires very little maintenance. Tile should be considered for its flexibility, but it may have less durability and longevity. If the bathrooms in your project are uniform in design, cultured marble will work well and be cost-effective. A project with varying bathroom layouts and sizes could benefit from the flexibility that tile can offer, with its selection of sizes and ability to custom-fit unique configurations. However, keep in mind that both options will deliver pleasing, comfortable and durable spaces that your guests will love.

LL Cultured Marble has been a manufacturer of the highest quality cultured marble and cultured granite products since 1976. We manufacture cultured marble bathroom vanity tops, bathtubs, whirlpool bathtubs, shower bases, bathtub walls, shower walls, and kitchen counter tops. We offer many custom designs with more than twenty tub styles, the finest whirlpool systems, eighteen standard shower base sizes and twenty bowl styles. We use the highest quality materials available to bring you the finest in cultured marble.

We provide cultured marble counters, tubs/tub decks, shower pans, shower walls, tub surrounds, plus a variety of trims and accessories. Avonti can manufacture just about any size or shape of tubs or shower pans whether it is a modular size or custom size/shape. We manufacture all products to your specifications in our facility. Stop in or schedule an appointment in our Design Studio to learn more.

A cultured marble shower liner refers to the shower walls and receptor (pan). Cultured marble is about 70 percent marble dust and 30 percent polyester resin. This makes cultured marble shower liners almost a natural product. Cultured marble is nonporous, and it does not require sealing. It is low maintenance and very durable. The solid-surface of cultured marble resists stains and chips. It is easily repaired if scratched using a gel compound.

Firstly, a cultured marble shower liner has no grout. The panels are seamless except where they join in the corners and the shower receptor (pan). This is, perhaps, the biggest benefit. Second, it is available in an almost endless rainbow of colors, styles, and configurations. Lastly, it is very durable with an average life expectancy of 20 years.

Local manufacturers can also accomadate almost any special request you have. They can also customize your cultured marble shower liner. Choose a company that has been in business at least 20 years. For more information on a particular business, contact the Cast Polymer Association at (800) 414-4272.

Many people are interested in a cultured marble shower liner because of the grout in a tiled shower. The complaint is the difficulty in keeping tile grout clean. A tiled shower is superior to a cultured marble shower. Why? A correctly installed shower is stronger, more durable, and superior at keeping moister from entering your walls.

Unlike a cultured marble shower liner, a traditionaly tiled shower has no seams. The seams in a cultured marble shower are the biggest drawback. These seams can leak and allow water to enter your walls and floors. Mold, mildew, rot, and insect damage will soon follow.

Another problem with a cultured marble shower liner is that it is very slippery when wet or soapy. This is especially true for people with mobility issues and older generations. Leaning on the walls to steady oneself or simply placing your hand on the wall for support can have dangerious consequences. The grout in a tiled shower provides gentle abrassive support. In similar fashion, a matt (nonglossy) or honed tile provides even greater fall protection.

Both granite countertops and marble countertops are among the most desired on the market. Both natural stones hold significant appeal for various reasons. But there are alternative surfaces on the market that can hold appeal to other homeowners. One of these alternatives to marble is cultured marble. This guide will inform you on what cultured marble is, what the material can be used for and how it compares to granite.

Cultured marble is a type of faux marble that is made from roughly 75 percent natural marble dust. This marble dust is combined with liquid polyester resin to make cultured marble surfaces. Cultured marble is used to make kitchen countertops, bathroom vanity tops, backsplashes, sinks and more. Cultured marble vanity tops have become particularly popular in recent years.

Cultured marble is a very durable material. Unlike natural marble, these surfaces are non-porous, which helps them resist stains and various other damages. With proper care, your cultured marble surfaces can last a very long time in good shape.

While cultured marble can be manufactured to have an appealing look, there is nothing quite like the appearance of natural stone. In addition to this, while cultured marble has its benefits, granite is also a more durable material and is easy to maintain. The decision will ultimately be up to you, but because of the factors explained above, granite is the better choice for the home.

Whether it is a new countertop, vanity top, backsplash or any other surface, selecting the right material for your home is the key to any remodel. Choosing and having these materials installed can put a nice finishing touch on your home improvement project. This guide can help you evaluate whether cultured marble or granite will be the more ideal fit for your home.

Kerrico Corporation offers a wide range of cultured marble colors. These colors are available in all our cultured marble products including: marble tub surrounds, marble fireplace surrounds, marble kitchen countertops, marble bathroom vanities, marble shower walls and much more.

Any marble color shown here either in veining or reverse is available as a solid color. The cultured marble colors shown here (both veining and base colors) can be combined in any way. Any veining color can be used with any base; also any veining/base combination you see here can be reversed.

Customers can expect variations in cultured marble color shades and veining. Cultured Marble color samples are meant to be used as a guide only. When selecting or matching colors lighting (natural or artificial) or other conditions could affect the look of the product. Please talk to one of our knowledgeable staff for more information and cultured marble color swatches.

AMI is a trusted manufacturer located in Northeast Ohio, producing custom showers, walls, vanities, kitchens and more! Our fabrication division can quickly render solid surface kitchens, laminate tops, and AMI's own Madera wood products. AMI's showroom is a great place to spark those renovation ideas!

We manufacture several styles and sizes of cultured marble bathtubs that can have a matching tub deck and back splash or let us make a one piece tub deck for use with your bathtub. All of our tub fronts can be made with removable panels to allow for easy access to jetted tubs and plumbing.

Made of up to 75 percent marble dust mixed with resins and pigments, cultured marble makes an attractive and low-maintenance alternative for shower walls and surrounds. Cultured marble is solid sheets that you cut to fit on site to the size and shape of your shower walls. They go up quickly and adhere firmly within 24 hours after installation.

While cultured marble can be installed on virtually any existing wall surface, the most long-lasting installations will take place on cement backerboard. Take down any drywall or greenboard that is currently in the bathroom. Hang plastic sheeting over the studs to act as a vapor barrier to prevent the studs from swelling in the event of a leak. Screw cement backerboard sheets to the surround, keeping them 1/8 inch apart from one another to allow for movement. Backerboard will not disintegrate when wet, keeping the walls stable. Once the backerboard is up, apply a coat of white primer to it; the dark gray color of the boards can affect the color of the cultured marble.

Shower surrounds come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, and therefore, so does cultured marble sheeting. Template and trim your cultured marble to the correct size and shape of each of the shower walls for the best fit. Take the cardboard boxes the sheets were shipped in, and use them to make a template. Place them on the shower walls, and cut them to fit, leaving a 1/8-inch gap in each corner. Mark the position of the shower valve and showerhead on the cardboard. Place the cardboard on the backside of the cultured marble, and cut the sheets with a saw with a diamond blade to fit the space. Use a hole saw to make the cuts for the shower valve and head.

Once the cultured marble has been cut to fit your surround, test fit each panel in place. Begin with the back panel of the shower and then the two side walls for the best fit. Use a level to ensure each panel is straight, and draw a line at the top of each panel with a pencil. Remove the panels, and cover the walls with a serpentine bead of silicone adhesive. Line up the sheets with the pencil mark, and press them back into place. Smooth the sheets up against the wall with the flat of your hand to help them adhere. 041b061a72


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