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School Tycoon Online No Download [PORTABLE]

Welcome to college, Principal! Build your dream college, expand it, bring it to life and finally lead it to success! Be excellent in managing, teaching, and learning! Contribute to the success of the organization! Promote a culture of collaboration, trust, and high expectations that support learning! Build your way to extraordinary!You have a long way to go. Start your journey today!BUILD YOUR CAMPUS & BRING IT TO LIFE- Build new classrooms, dormitories, institutional buildings, infirmary and security rooms, parking lot, café, gym, and more. Craft your empire!- Upgrade air conditioners, desks, modern blackboards, computers, bookshelves, cupboards, and so on.- Meet the needs of staff and help students improve their grades- Your wise management will enable you to have a well-organized college campus! Become a school tycoon! Get rich while sleeping!RECRUIT HIGH-QUALITY SCHOOL STAFF - A college cannot be good without well-qualified faculty members. Select the right people and recruit future school members that meet your expectations: teachers, doctors, chefs, security guards, and more! - Balance your income and expenses to ensure sustainable operation! Manage resources to efficiently optimize student learning!COLLECT CARDS & UNLOCK EPIC CHARACTERS- 60+ featured cards to collect: characters to increase your college's diversity, school equipment, facilities, and more to explore! - Discover new people while expanding your college. With their help, you will be able to get extra revenues to invest in sustainable operations!HANDLE UNEXPECTED TASKSEfficiently maintaining campus safety is a part of your job. A safe and harmonious campus is the first step towards a reputable school. As the principal, you are not only the school manager but also the school guardian! You must be well aware of various emergencies, respond quickly, and deploy staff flexibly to solve problems!EXPLORE VARIOUS MAPS & ENDLESS FUN - Various maps: Lvy International College, Culinary Institute of Galaxy, College of Mechanical Engineering, and more! You will be running different types of schools and amply demonstrate your leadership and management capability!- Easy to play! Absolutely free! Good time killer! Full of creativity and challenges! With this game, you'll never get bored!If you like management and idle games, you will enjoy Idle School Tycoon. The free business & tycoon simulator is casual, easy but strategic. In this game, you will build and run your school, hire employees, recruit students, and balance income and expenses! Start from a small school and work hard to develop it. Improve every detail and turn your shabby school into a well-known college. The amazing adventure school sims is the idle clicker for you!

School Tycoon Online No Download


Description:Idle High School Tycoon - a usually cute and endless clicker game mechanic in which players make the process of imparting knowledge to the young minds of the students not only extremely productive but also very profitable. Primarily for a player-run educational institution on this project. At first, everything will be more than humble and sad. It is necessary to start small and gradually develop into an advanced object in its field. Where all schoolchildren without exception dream.Features:* Become a headmaster and run a high school!* Manage your students while they ride the school bus, attend class, and visit the cafeteria* Take advantage of investments to build your reputation and get rich!* Build your idle millionaires empire simulation!* Upgrade your school's equipment to improve your exam scores!* Raise your money online or offline in this tycoon game!

GEMS (Great Explorations in Math and Science)Includes science simulations such as Environmental Detectives (distinct from the high school simulation with the same title, listed online), Acid Rain, Global Warming and the Greenhouse Effect, and River Cutters. 350c69d7ab


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