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Below you will find a list of resources to find childcare, including a list of past childcare providers utilized by UW Tacoma students. We cannot recommend any childcare provider for liability reasons.


Welcome to North Tacoma KinderCare! We are located in Tacoma, WA, and are proud to serve families here in the great Northwest. Our team of teachers is excited for your child to grow, flourish, and learn in our programs. We build a warm, welcoming, and supportive classroom for children of all abilities, backgrounds, and experiences. It's our mission from the moment you walk into our center that you feel welcomed and a part of our KinderCare family!

Our classrooms are places to thrive! In our safe and healthy classrooms, your child will be engaged in learning experiences that meet them where they are, both socially and academically. With fun daily activities, passionate teachers, and great friends, a lifetime of confidence starts here. Contact the center director to learn more about our child care options and schedule a tour!

We put our best-in-class teachers in a best-in-class workplace. We're so proud to have been named one of Gallup's 37 winners of the Great Workplace Award. When you put great teachers in an engaging center, your children will experience an amazing place to learn and grow.

We provide nutritious meals and snacks developed by a registered dietician to meet the needs of rapidly growing bodies and minds. If your child has special dietary requirements and you would prefer to bring in their lunch, please make arrangements with the center director.

The Y has been a childcare leader in our communities for generations. As a vital partner in our region, YMCA Child Care programs nurture a fun, collaborative, and safe environment for children to express themselves and enable parents to navigate busy schedules and workdays with peace of mind.

All YMCA Child Care staff are certified childcare professionals who understand our local communities and the children that make up our programs. The Child Care staff comprehends children's cognitive, physical, and social development. We offer the support parents and families need, and the significance of maintaining a safe, clean, and fun environment for children to learn and succeed.

Cadence Academy in Tacoma has been dedicated to providing the highest quality childcare to local families since 1986. Our preschool provides early childhood education programs for four-week-old infants up to pre-k students. Our early daycare center has secure entrances, spacious classrooms, and a private playground situated far from the street to ensure children feel safe and comfortable while learning. We also offer a large play area for our older students and a separate play area for our younger children.

Because our preschool is centrally located, we work with three area elementary schools: Christensen and James Sales in the Franklin Pierce School District, and South Gate in the Clover Park School District. These school districts provide transportation for Head Start, ECEAP, and kindergarten children. Our childcare program has a van that provides free transportation to and from James Sales, giving parents the opportunity to choose which school they would like to enroll their child.

The foundation of the Frida Kahlo Child Development Center proposal is based on scientific evidence on early childhood development that allows us to understand the importance of Early Childhood in human development and in particular, the relevance of the brain formation process and the preparation processes for the learning. Under this perspective, we assume the commitment to promote an educational project with principles of equity, relevance, effectiveness, and quality aimed at children in conditions of vulnerability, who, comprehensively cared for by a multidisciplinary team, have the possibility of accessing opportunities to learn and develop competencies, skills, attitudes, and values to face life. Frida Kahlo Child Development Center, believes in social justice, and cultural empowerment of our community. We seek to strengthen the roots and mother tongue of our students, through cognitive, artistic, and cultural activities that help our little ones to build socio-emotional skills that will accompany them throughout their entire lives.

Linden said some of those spots will be for infant care. They also plan to ensure hours are flexible because most child care centers have strict time frames. There are plans to make costs flexible as well.

The original plan was to partner with existing child care centers so Farm 12 employees have someplace to bring their children, Linden said. But when the pandemic hit, employees expressed their struggles with finding facilities that were still open.

That is when the conversation around Farm 12 having its early learning center began, Linden said. They held a town hall in February 2022, during which people shared their needs and want in a child care center.

About 80 people attended the town hall, Linden said. Parents, families, teachers, pediatricians and other people that have ties to child care were present. They made it clear that they wanted their kids to have child care that lets them interact with the outdoors.

Rachel Hamilton, another Farm 12 employee, drops off her 4- and 5-year-old children at a child care center but the journey to where she is now was difficult. She recalls crying many nights when the centers she used to frequent shut down during the pandemic.

Backup care is available at locations throughout Puget Sound and nationwide. Sick child care is available in your home 24 hours a day, seven days a week, whenever you need to attend to academic or work responsibilities.

APS 51.1: Enrollment for University On-Site Childcare Centers Located in Seattle outlines a process in which appointing authorities may recommend priority child care placement for a faculty or staff member who plays or will play a key role within a unit.

Illness/SymptomsTo stop the spread of germs, families are responsible for keeping their children home when they are ill. If your child exhibits any of the following symptoms that cannot be attributed to other health conditions, please stay home or seek medical care:

Accredited by The Joint Commission, CSTC is staffed by psychologists, psychiatrists, nurses, social workers, recreational therapists and psychiatric child care counselors who work collaboratively to assist youth in making progress toward their treatment goals.

In the city of Tacoma, the professional care of children and adults is regulated by the State of Washington under the Washington Administrative Code and Revised Code of Washington. These State regulations are further supplemented by both the Tacoma Municipal Code, which regulates Licensing and Zoning, and the International Fire Code, which deals with the Life Safety aspects. Regulations and requirements are very specific and differ with the number of children or adults at a given location. The Tacoma Fire Department and the Washington State Fire Marshal's office are the agencies responsible for relicensing inspection of care facilities.

Day care business conducted in your home with not more than 12 children are defined as, In-Home Daycares. The fire and life safety requirements for these businesses are set forth by the Washington State Department of Early Learning (DEL).

This tip sheet is meant to address day care centers, as defined by the Tacoma Municipal Code (hereinafter TMC). The location, design, and operation of day care centers in the City of Tacoma must comply with the following standards in addition to any other requirements of law.

For day care centers with an enrollment of more than 50, side yard setbacks of at least 20 feet are required in all residential zoning districts, except that on corner lots the side yard facing the street shall provide the same setback as required for a single-family dwelling.

SignsThe number and size of signs allowed on each day care center property is determined by the zoning district that the day care center is located in. Speak with a Land Use Planner to as determine the applicable zoning district and sign sizes allowed.

Conditional Use PermitIn R-1, R-2, R-2SRD, HMR-SRD, and R-3 Districts, the establishment of a day care center requires the approval of a Conditional Use Permit (CUP). In R-4-L Districts, day care centers with an enrollment of 50 or more requires approval of a CUP (see Conditional Use Permit Tip Sheet). Please refer to the development standards for daycare centers in TMC 13.06.080.F as well as the general CUP criteria in TMC 13.05.010.A

All parent/guardians must read and agree to follow the policies and procedures outlined in the Childcare Parent Handbook. Each family will receive a copy upon registering for program. A signature is required by each parent/guardian acknowledging and agreeing to follow outlined policies and procedures in the parent handbook. Failure to comply with policies and procedures could result in dismissal from Metro Parks Tacoma childcare program.

Child Care in Your Home (CCYH) is a DoD fee assistance pilot program that helps military families cover the cost of full-time child care (30-60 hours per week) provided in their homes. Designed to support families with nontraditional work schedules, care can be provided every day of the week and during nontraditional hours such as evenings and weekends, or on rotating schedules.

The monthly fee assistance amount paid for each child is based on your Total Family Income (TFI) category and will not cover the entire cost of child care. CCAoA will make the fee assistance payment directly to your selected CCYH provider.

You are responsible for selecting your own in-home child care provider. To search for a provider, you may use the expanded child care service available at no cost through Military OneSource. CCYH providers must meet the following requirements: 041b061a72


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