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Mountain Lion Skin Pack 20 For Windows 7 X64 Free

I installed the theme/skin successfully but now when I play youtube videos my shochwave (adobe) plugin crashes. The same happens if I use chrome or firefox. Is it because of this lion skin? because I did not make any other change.

Mountain Lion Skin Pack 20 For Windows 7 X64 Free

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I see a lot of posts of people criticising Apple for the Sandbox approach and how it limits some applications to the point of becoming a part of history. I love using Candybar a lot since I like my icons looking the skin of Mattahan, but I also appreciate the security features implemented in the OS that allow us to live in carefree world. Granted it doesnt mean the OS is vaulted, but we live with more freedom than that other OS *cough*Windows*cough*. That being said, I wish Panic looked for other ways to bring customization to the OS so we can make it a unique part of our electronic selves. If it can be done, I have no doubts Panic will bring another solution. But blaming Apple for implementing a level of security to protect us, is a blind blame. The internet we live in now, is not the Internet 20yrs ago.

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