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Escalating dispute with Equifax - legal action?

Hello forum members,

I find myself in a frustrating situation with Equifax, as it appears they aren't taking my disputes seriously regarding the compromise of my information in their data breach. Despite diligently following their procedures, including uploading IDs, FTC Affidavit, and a Statement of Inquiries being fraudulent, my disputes are consistently verified without addressing the issue.

Even when I called to request the removal of fraudulent inquiries, they requested the same information I had already submitted. To make matters worse, my credit freeze, which I implemented, somehow gets unfrozen without my involvement. It's becoming increasingly apparent that traditional dispute methods might not yield the results I need.

I spoke to a colleague who recommended a good attorney firm that claims not to charge for their services Has anyone else faced a similar situation, and do you think taking legal action is a viable option? I'm concerned that mailing disputes may not lead to a satisfactory resolution, and I appreciate any insights or advice you can offer.



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